Does the Tuckeria Restaurant Accept Payment Through Target Visa Gift Cards?

This coming weekend, I am looking forward to a sumptuous meal at the local Tuckeria restaurant. We have decided that we will be holding our 10th anniversary feast at the local Tuckeria restaurant, and that is the context within which I am expecting the sumptuous meal. One challenge that I am grappling with though is in figuring out whether the Tuckeria restaurant accepts payments through gift cards. That is because I have a Target Visa Gift card that I received (from a wealthy aunt, as a new year gift) with $50 in it — and that is what I am planning to use. I have already visited the Target Visa gift cards portal, at and found out that there is indeed some $50 in the card – more than enough to finance a sumptuous feast at the local Tuckeria. The only difficulty I have is in finding out whether the local Tuckeria restaurant does accept payments through Target gift cards.

Now the best way to figure out whether the local Tuckeria restaurant does accept payments through Target Visa gift cards is of course by inquiring directly (from the restaurant). The only problem I am having in this regard is in that I don’t know the local Tuckeria restaurant’s phone number. All I can get on the Tuckeria restaurants’ website is a general sales phone number — one that apparently processes nationwide queries. Yet what I am interested in is the specific phone number for the local Tuckeria…

I have the option of driving to the local Tuckeria restaurant, and making enquiries in person as to whether the establishment accepts payments through gift cards (specifically Target gift cards). But I find that idea off-putting, due to the fact that the local Tuckeria restaurant is quite some distance away. Therefore if I decide to drive there, I could end up spending quite a bit of money on fuel. In any event, I have noticed that in most establishments, the enquiries that come by phone (or email) are handled better than those made in person. Which is why I would have preferred to contact the Tuckeria restaurant management either by phone or email, to find out whether they accept Target Visa gift card payments.

Why it is Unfair to Compare a L Brands Stores to a Tuckeria Restaurant

I have been told that my last blog post “comparing a L Brands store to a Tuckeria restaurant’ was unfair.

That, for one, the types of customer that the L Brands store targets are very different from those targeted by the Tuckeria restaurant. Whereas the L Brands store targets the mass market, the Tuckeria restaurant targets a niche market. Therefore, if you happen to find just a few people at the Tuckeria restaurant (compared to the huge hordes of people at the L Brands store), you shouldn’t take that to be a failure on the part of the Tuckeria restaurant. The Tuckeria restaurant is meant to be exclusive, and that is exactly what is at play when you find just a handful of people at Tuckeria…

Further, I have been told that the stuff sold at the L Brands store is very different from the stuff sold at the Tuckeria restaurant. Whereas people will always be in need of apparel on a day to day basis, the reality about most people’s lives is such that they only get to eat out once in a while. This then explains why the Tuckeria restaurant is unlikely to be having the huge hordes of people typically found at the L Brands store. In any event, whereas people do pop into the L Brands store for ‘window shopping’, it is highly unlikely that anyone would venture into the Tuckeria restaurant just to look at the foods on display!

At yet another level, I have been informed that the type of people who work at the L Brands store (whom refers to as ‘associates’) is very different from the type of people who work at the Tuckeria restaurant. Therefore it is unfair to compare the shopping experiences, as you are dealing with different types of workers, who are trained in vastly different ways. The L Brands staff are trained to deal with the masses, whereas the Tuckeria staff are trained to deal with a niche market.

Comparing a L Brands Store to a Tuckeria Restaurant

Yesterday, I found myself comparing a L Brands store to a Tuckeria restaurant. I had dined at a Tuckeria restaurant earlier in the afternoon, before proceeding to a L Brands store for some shopping later in the evening. Now I was trying to compare the experience I had at the Tuckeria restaurant with the experience I later had at the L Brands store.

The idea of comparing a restaurant (Tuckeria) with a clothing store (L Brands) may seem odd, even crazy perhaps. At first glance, it looks like comparing oranges to mangoes. Yet when you come to think of it, there are some common parameters, on the basis of which they can be compared – including quality of service, diversity of merchandise and pricing.

With regard to the quality of service, I found the Tuckeria restaurant slightly better than the l brands store.  The staff at the Tuckeria restaurant seemed to be slightly more attentive than the ones at the L Brands store. But this is understandable, keeping in mind that Tuckeria is a restaurant, where customers expect to be served with everything, whereas L Brands is a clothing store where the customers pick whatever they need without needing much assistance from the staff.

With regard to the diversity of merchandise, I found the L Brands store superior to the Tuckeria restaurant. This is to say that while at L Brands, I found myself having greater freedom of choice than at Tuckeria. Again this is understandable, given the fact that L brands, as clothing store, deals with non-perishable stuff whereas Tuckeria (as a restaurant) has to prepare only the amount of food it can sell within a short period of time.

Turning to the question of pricing, I found both the L Brands store and the Tuckeria restaurant to be pricey establishments. The sorts of establishments that a person of modest means would struggle to fit in.

Eating In a Restaurant

It is fun and entertaining to eat in a restaurant because the waiter and the cook will strive to provide good service to you. They want you to leave good tip and to become repeat customers. When a customer likes the good service, they are more likely to tell their friends, acquaintances or coworkers about the restaurant.