Comparing a L Brands Store to a Tuckeria Restaurant

Yesterday, I found myself comparing a L Brands store to a Tuckeria restaurant. I had dined at a Tuckeria restaurant earlier in the afternoon, before proceeding to a L Brands store for some shopping later in the evening. Now I was trying to compare the experience I had at the Tuckeria restaurant with the experience I later had at the L Brands store.

The idea of comparing a restaurant (Tuckeria) with a clothing store (L Brands) may seem odd, even crazy perhaps. At first glance, it looks like comparing oranges to mangoes. Yet when you come to think of it, there are some common parameters, on the basis of which they can be compared – including quality of service, diversity of merchandise and pricing.

With regard to the quality of service, I found the Tuckeria restaurant slightly better than the l brands store.  The staff at the Tuckeria restaurant seemed to be slightly more attentive than the ones at the L Brands store. But this is understandable, keeping in mind that Tuckeria is a restaurant, where customers expect to be served with everything, whereas L Brands is a clothing store where the customers pick whatever they need without needing much assistance from the staff.

With regard to the diversity of merchandise, I found the L Brands store superior to the Tuckeria restaurant. This is to say that while at L Brands, I found myself having greater freedom of choice than at Tuckeria. Again this is understandable, given the fact that L brands, as clothing store, deals with non-perishable stuff whereas Tuckeria (as a restaurant) has to prepare only the amount of food it can sell within a short period of time.

Turning to the question of pricing, I found both the L Brands store and the Tuckeria restaurant to be pricey establishments. The sorts of establishments that a person of modest means would struggle to fit in.

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