Does the Tuckeria Restaurant Accept Payment Through Target Visa Gift Cards?

This coming weekend, I am looking forward to a sumptuous meal at the local Tuckeria restaurant. We have decided that we will be holding our 10th anniversary feast at the local Tuckeria restaurant, and that is the context within which I am expecting the sumptuous meal. One challenge that I am grappling with though is in figuring out whether the Tuckeria restaurant accepts payments through gift cards. That is because I have a Target Visa Gift card that I received (from a wealthy aunt, as a new year gift) with $50 in it — and that is what I am planning to use. I have already visited the Target Visa gift cards portal, at and found out that there is indeed some $50 in the card – more than enough to finance a sumptuous feast at the local Tuckeria. The only difficulty I have is in finding out whether the local Tuckeria restaurant does accept payments through Target gift cards.

Now the best way to figure out whether the local Tuckeria restaurant does accept payments through Target Visa gift cards is of course by inquiring directly (from the restaurant). The only problem I am having in this regard is in that I don’t know the local Tuckeria restaurant’s phone number. All I can get on the Tuckeria restaurants’ website is a general sales phone number — one that apparently processes nationwide queries. Yet what I am interested in is the specific phone number for the local Tuckeria…

I have the option of driving to the local Tuckeria restaurant, and making enquiries in person as to whether the establishment accepts payments through gift cards (specifically Target gift cards). But I find that idea off-putting, due to the fact that the local Tuckeria restaurant is quite some distance away. Therefore if I decide to drive there, I could end up spending quite a bit of money on fuel. In any event, I have noticed that in most establishments, the enquiries that come by phone (or email) are handled better than those made in person. Which is why I would have preferred to contact the Tuckeria restaurant management either by phone or email, to find out whether they accept Target Visa gift card payments.

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